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Welcome: Mathematics Library (MFB)

The reading room of Math Library

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Shortened opening hours during summer
07/08 - 30/09
Mon - Fri: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
21/08 - 25/08

Closed due to reshelving work

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Take a seat!

Friday, 08. September 2017


We were in the fortunate position of being able to refurnish our lounge seating area in the reading room! The brand new couch is in blue, with well fitting sofa cushions.

In this area we provide the following journals to flick through while relaxing:

  • Mitteilungen der Deutschen Mathematikervereinigung
  • Mathematische Semesterberichte
  • Newsletter of the European Mathematical Society
  • Notices of the American Mathematical Society
  • Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
  • und some more ...

Bernoulli's 350th Birthday

Sunday, 06. August 2017


Today we say: Happy 350th Birthday, Johann Bernoulli!

Johann Bernoulli was a Swiss mathematician and medical doctor, younger brother of the mathematician Jakob I. Bernoulli and father of the mathematician Daniel Bernoulli. The Bernoullis were a patrician family of merchants and scholars; Johann is known for his contributions to infinitesimal calculus and L'Hospital's rule as well as making the new branch of mathematics "Analysis" known on the european continent.

On this occasion we put together a small exhibition about Johann and his family. It can be found right next to our entrance until the end of august.

What's in those cabinets?

Friday, 28. July 2017


If you want to inform yourself about recent developments in the mathematical sciences, you can use the internet, or - old fashioned but quite convenient - browse the journals section in our reading room.

Here you can find current issues of the mathematical journals, we have subscribed to. We just updated the inscription. Now you can see at a glance

  • which volumes we provide and
  • if the content is available in print or online.

Taking a look is well worthwhile.

Friendly reminder

Tuesday, 27. June 2017


Please keep in mind that your self brought books must be declared at the service desk.

Thank you!

You are invited to welcome the new semester with us!

Monday, 03. April 2017


Traditionally, the Institute of Mathematics welcomes a new semester with an opening event in the library.

This summer semester, we are going to open the exhibition Lichteinfall from Hans Werner Pohl on this occasion. You are cordially invited to celebrate with us on:

*** Tuesday, the 25th of April 2017, at 6:00 pm ***

With art, music and wine. No registration necessary.

We look forward seeing you in our reading rooms.

Exhibition poster (PDF, 184,3 KB)

Happy Birthday Mr. Banach!

Thursday, 30. March 2017

Stefan Banach

30th of March 2017 is the 125th birthday of one of the - if not the - founder of modern functional analysis: Stefan Banach.

Banach is one of the most famous mathematicians of the 20th century: Math students hear about the Banach fixed-point theorem at the latest in their second semester. The Banach spaces are named after him and are central research objects of functional analysis.

On this occasion the Mathematics Library has put together a small exhibition about his life and his work. It can be found right next to the entrance until the 18th of April.



Film Shooting in the Library

Thursday, 16. March 2017


A team of Berlin based film makers will shoot some student riots with occupation of the library. Due to this circumstances, we are going to close on Friday, the 17th of March at 1:00 pm.



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