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Journal Publications

Ikenmeyer, C. - Small Littlewood-Richardson coefficients. Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics 44(1) pp. 1–29, 2016.

Amelunxen, D. and Bürgisser, P. - Probabilistic analysis of the Grassmann condition number. Foundations of Computational Mathematics 15(1) pp. 3-51, 2015.

Amelunxen, D. and Bürgisser, P. - Intrinsic volumes of symmetric cones and applications in convex programming. Mathematical Programming 149(1-2) pp. 105-130, 2015.

Durand, A. and Mengel, S. - The Complexity of Weighted Counting for Acyclic Conjunctive Queries. Journal of Computer and System Sciences 80(1) pp. 277-296, 2014.

Hauenstein, J. D., Ikenmeyer, C. and Landsberg, J. M. - Equations for lower bounds on border rank. Experimental Mathematics 22(4) pp. 372–383, 2013.

Bürgisser, P. and Ikenmeyer, C. - Deciding Positivity of Littlewood-Richardson coefficients. SIAM J. Discrete Math. 27(4) pp. 1639-1681, 2013.

Amelunxen, D. and Bürgisser, P. - A coordinate-free condition number for convex programming. SIAM Journal on Optimization 22(3) pp. 1029-1041, 2012.

Bürgisser, P. and Amelunxen, D. - Robust Smoothed Analysis of a Condition Number for Linear Programming. Mathematical Programming 131(1-2, Ser. A) pp. 221-251, 2012.

Bürgisser, P., Christandl, M. and Ikenmeyer, C. - Even partitions in plethysms. Journal of Algebra 328 pp. 322-329, 2011.

Bürgisser, P. and Cucker, F. - On a Problem Posed by Steve Smale. Annals of Mathematics 174(3) pp. 1785-1836, 2011.

Bürgisser, P., Christandl, M. and Ikenmeyer, C. - Nonvanishing of Kronecker coefficients for rectangular shapes. Advances in Mathematics 227 pp. 2082-2091, 2011.

Bürgisser, P., Landsberg, J. M., Manivel, L. and Weyman, J. - An overview of mathematical issues arising in the Geometric complexity theory approach to VP v.s. VNP. SIAM J. Comput. 40(4) pp. 1179-1209, 2011.

Bürgisser, P. and Cucker, F. - Smoothed Analysis of Moore-Penrose Inversion. SIAM J. Matrix Anal. & Appl. 31(5) pp. 2769-2783, 2010.

Bürgisser, P. and Scheiblechner, P. - Counting Irreducible Components of Complex Algebraic Varieties. Computational Complexity 19(1) pp. 1-35, 2010.

Bürgisser, P., Cucker, F. and Lotz, M. - Coverage Processes on Spheres and Condition Numbers for Linear Programming. The Annals of Probability 38(2) pp. 570-604, 2010.


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