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Paul Breiding and Nick Vannieuwenhoven - A Riemannian Trust Region Method for the Canonical Tensor Rank Approximation Problem, Preprint 2017.

Kathlén Kohn and Ernst Ulrich Deuker - The Complex of Non-Chromatic Scales, Preprint 2017.

Kathlén Kohn - Coisotropic Hypersurfaces in the Grassmannian, Preprint 2016.

Peter Bürgisser and Felipe Cucker and Elisa Rocha Cardozo - Characteristic polynomials of typical matrices are ill-conditioned, Preprint 2015.

Pierre Lairez - A deterministic algorithm to compute approximate roots of polynomial systems in polynomial average time, Preprint 2015. To appear in Foundations of computational mathematics (2016), 23 pages.

Peter Bürgisser and Felipe Cucker - A stable, polynomial-time algorithm for the eigenpair problem, Preprint 2014. This preprint was merged in 2015 with arXiv:1410.2179 into arXiv:1505.03290.

Dennis Amelunxen and Peter Bürgisser - Intrinsic volumes of symmetric cones, Preprint 2012. A substantially revised and shortened version of this preprint has been published in Mathematical Programming 149(1-2) pp. 105-130, 2015.

Peter Bürgisser - A note on the degeneration order of bilinear maps, Preprint 1996. (University of Zurich)

Peter Bürgisser - Decision complexity of generic complete intersections, Preprint 1992. Research Report 8578-CS, Institut für Informatik der Universität Bonn.


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