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Ehemalige Mitarbeiter

Prof. Dr. Kathlén Kohn


Institutionen för Matematik
Lindstedtsvägen 25
10044 Stockholm

Persönliche Homepage:

Publikationen in der Arbeitsgruppe

Carlos Améndola and Kathlén Kohn and Philipp Reichenbach and Anna Seigal (2020). Toric invariant theory for maximum likelihood estimation in log-linear models.

Carlos Améndola and Kathlén Kohn and Philipp Reichenbach and Anna Seigal (2020). Invariant Theory and Scaling Algorithms for Maximum Likelihood Estimation.

Kathlén Kohn and Boris Shapiro and Bernd Sturmfels (2018). Moment Varieties of Measures on Polytopes.

Johannes Blömer and Kathlén Kohn (2018). Voronoi cells of lattices with respect to arbitrary norms. SIAM J. Appl. Algebra Geom., 314–338.

Kathlén Kohn and Bernd Sturmfels and Matthew Trager (2018). Changing views on curves and surfaces. Acta Math. Vietnam., 1–29.

Kathlén Kohn (2018). Isotropic and Coisotropic Subvarieties of Grassmannians. Technische Universität Berlin

Kathlén Kohn and Bernt Ivar Utstøl Nødland and Paolo Tripoli (2017). Secants, bitangents, and their congruences. Combinatorial algebraic geometry. Fields Inst. Res. Math. Sci., Toronto, ON, 87–112.

Carlos Améndola, Kathlén Kohn, Sara Lamboglia, Diane Maclagan, Ben Smith, Jeff Sommars, Paolo Tripoli, Magdalena Zajaczkowska (2017). Computing Tropical Varieties in Macaulay2.

Kathlén Kohn and Ernst Ulrich Deuker (2017). The Complex of Non-Chromatic Scales.

Kathlén Kohn and Ernst Ulrich Deuker (2017). Der Komplex der nicht-chromatischen Skalen. Mitteilungen der DMV, 17-25.

Peter Bürgisser and Kathlén Kohn and Pierre Lairez and Bernd Sturmfels (2016). Computing the Chow variety of quadratic space curves. Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Sciences (eds. I. Kotsireas, S. Rump and C. Yap) - MACIS 2015, Berlin, Germany, November 11-13, Revised Selected Papers, 130-136.


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