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Prof. Dr. Kathlén Kohn


Institutionen för Matematik
Lindstedtsvägen 25
10044 Stockholm

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Coisotropic Hypersurfaces in the Grassmannian
Zitatschlüssel K-Coisotropic-Hypersurfaces-In-The-Grassmannian
Autor Kathlén Kohn
Jahr 2016
Monat 7
Zusammenfassung To every projective variety $X$, we associate a family of hypersurfaces in different Grassmannians, called the coisotropic hypersurfaces of $X$. These include the Chow form and the Hurwitz form of $X$. Gel'fand, Kapranov and Zelevinsky characterized coisotropic hypersurfaces by a rank one condition on tangent spaces. We present a new and simplified proof of that result. We show that the coisotropic hypersurfaces of $X$ equal those of its projectively dual variety $X^\vee$, and that their degrees are the polar degrees of $X$. Coisotropic hypersurfaces of Segre varieties are defined by hyperdeterminants, and all hyperdeterminants arise in that manner. We derive new equations for the Cayley variety which parametrizes all coisotropic hypersurfaces of given degree in a fixed Grassmannian. We provide a \textttMacaulay2 package for transitioning between $X$ and its coisotropic hypersurfaces.
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