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Exotic quantifiers, complexity classes, and complete problems
Zitatschlüssel BC-Exotic-Quantifiers-Complexity-Classes-And-Complete-Problems-1
Autor Peter Bürgisser and Felipe Cucker
Buchtitel Proc. of ICALP 2007
Seiten 207-218
Jahr 2007
Nummer 4596
Serie Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Zusammenfassung We define new complexity classes in the Blum-Shub-Smale theory of computation over the reals, in the spirit of the polynomial hierarchy, with the help of infinitesimal and generic quantifiers. Basic topological properties of semialgebraic sets like boundedness, closedness, compactness, as well as the continuity of semialgebraic functions are shown to be complete in these new classes. All attempts to classify the complexity of these problems in terms of the previously studied complexity classes have failed. We also obtain completeness results in the Turing model for the corresponding discrete problems. In this setting, it turns out that infinitesimal and generic quantifiers can be eliminated, so that the relevant complexity classes can be described in terms of usual quantifiers only.
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