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Condition of intersecting a projective variety with a varying linear subspace
Zitatschlüssel B-Condition-Of-Intersecting-A-Projective-Variety-With-A-Varying-Linear-Subspace
Autor Peter Bürgisser
Seiten 111–125
Jahr 2017
DOI 10.1137/16M1077222
Journal SIAM Journal on Applied Algebra and Geometry
Jahrgang 1
Nummer 1
Monat 10
Zusammenfassung The numerical condition of the problem of intersecting a fixed $m$-dimensional irreducible complex projective variety $ZsubseteqmathbbP^n$ with a varying linear subspace $LsubseteqmathbbP^n$ of complementary dimension $s=n-m$ is studied. We define the intersection condition number $kappa_Z(L,z)$ at a smooth intersection point $zin Zcap L$ as the norm of the derivative of the locally defined solution map $mathbbG(s,mathbbP^n)tomathbbP^n,,Lmapsto z$. We show that $kappa_Z(L,z)=1/sinalpha$, where α is the minimum angle between the tangent spaces $T_zZ$ and $T_zL$. From this, we derive a condition number theorem that expresses $1/kappa_Z(L,z)$ as the distance of $L$ to the local Schubert variety, which consists of the linear subspaces having an ill-posed intersection with $Z$ at $z$. A probabilistic analysis of the maximum condition number $kappa_Z(L):=maxkappa_Z(L,z_i)$, taken over all intersection points $z_iin Zcap L$, leads to the study of the volume of tubes around the Hurwitz hypersurface $Sigma(Z)$. As a first step toward this, we express the volume of $Sigma(Z)$ in terms of its degree.
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