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Some computational problems in linear algebra as hard as matrix multiplication
Zitatschlüssel BKL-Some-Computational-Problems-In-Linear-Algebra-As-Hard-As-Matrix-Multiplication
Autor Peter Bürgisser and Marek Karpinski and Thomas Lickteig
Seiten 131-155
Jahr 1991
DOI 10.1007/BF01272518
Journal Comp. Compl.
Jahrgang 1
Nummer 2
Zusammenfassung We define the complexity of a computational problem given by a relation using the model of computation trees together with the Ostrowski complexity measure. Natural examples from linear algebra are: $KER_n$: Compute a basis of the kernel for a given $n× n$ matrix, $OGB_n$: Find an invertible matrix that transforms a given symmetric $n× n$ matrix (quadratic form) into diagonal form, $SPR_n$: Find a sparse representation of a given $n× n$ matrix. To such a sequence of problems we assign an exponent similarly as for matrix multiplication. For the complexity of the above problems we prove relative lower bounds of the form $a M_n - b$ and absolute lower bounds $d n^2$, where $M_n$ denotes the complexity of matrix multiplication and $a$, $b$, $d$ are suitably chosen constants. We show that the exponents of the problem sequences KER, OGB, SPR are the same as the exponent of matrix multiplication.
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