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An overview of mathematical issues arising in the Geometric complexity theory approach to VP v.s. VNP
Zitatschlüssel BLMW-An-Overview-Of-Mathematical-Issues-Arising-In-The-Geometric-Complexity-Theory-Approach-To-Vp-Vs-Vnp
Autor Peter Bürgisser and Joseph Montague Landsberg and Laurent Manivel and Jerzy Weyman
Seiten 1179-1209
Jahr 2011
Journal SIAM J. Comput.
Jahrgang 40
Nummer 4
Zusammenfassung We discuss the geometry of orbit closures and the asymptotic behavior of Kronecker coefficients in the context of the Geometric Complexity Theory program to prove a variant of Valiant's algebraic analog of the P not equal to NP conjecture. We also describe the precise separation of complexity classes that their program proposes to demonstrate.
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