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Carlos Améndola and Kathlén Kohn and Philipp Reichenbach and Anna Seigal - Invariant Theory and Scaling Algorithms for Maximum Likelihood Estimation [3], Preprint 2020.

Giorgio Ottaviani and Philipp Reichenbach - Tensor Rank and Complexity [4], Preprint 2020.

Peter Bürgisser and Cole Franks and Ankit Garg and Rafael Oliveira and Michael Walter and Avi Wigderson - Towards a theory of non-commutative optimization: geodesic first and second order methods for moment maps and polytopes [5], Preprint 2019.

Peter Bürgisser and Felipe Cucker and Josué Tonelli-Cueto - Computing the Homology of Semialgebraic Sets. II: General formulas [6], Preprint 2019.

M. Levent Doğan and Alperen A. Ergür and Jake D. Mundo and Elias Tsigaridas - The Multivariate Schwartz-Zippel Lemma [7], Preprint 2019.

Paul Breiding and Nick Vannieuwenhoven - The condition number of Riemannian approximation problems [8], Preprint 2019.

Paul Breiding and Hanieh Keneshlou and Antonio Lerario - Quantitative singularity theory for random polynomials [9], Preprint 2019.

Peter Bürgisser - The Complexity of Factors of Multivariate Polynomials (Erratum) [10], Preprint 2018. This is an updated version of a paper published in J. FoCM in 2004. Here we have corrected an error in the statement and proof of Theorem 5.7.

Kathlén Kohn and Boris Shapiro and Bernd Sturmfels - Moment Varieties of Measures on Polytopes [11], Preprint 2018.

Carlos Améndola, Kathlén Kohn, Sara Lamboglia, Diane Maclagan, Ben Smith, Jeff Sommars, Paolo Tripoli, Magdalena Zajaczkowska - Computing Tropical Varieties in Macaulay2 [12], Preprint 2017.

Paul Breiding and Nick Vannieuwenhoven - A Riemannian Trust Region Method for the Canonical Tensor Rank Approximation Problem [13], Preprint 2017.

Kathlén Kohn and Ernst Ulrich Deuker - The Complex of Non-Chromatic Scales [14], Preprint 2017.

Paul Breiding - The average number of critical rank-one-approximations to a symmetric tensor [15], Preprint 2017.

Kathlén Kohn - Coisotropic Hypersurfaces in the Grassmannian [16], Preprint 2016.

Paul Breiding - An adaptive linear homotopy method to approximate eigenpairs of homogeneous polynomial systems [17], Preprint 2015.

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