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Gregor Hendel (2014). Empirical Analysis of Solving Phases in Mixed Integer Programming [6]. TU Berlin


Arno Ulbrich (2015). Robust Optimization for Operation Scheduling at Charité [7]. TU Berlin

Vicky Hartanto Tanzil (2015). Modelling and Optimization of Hybrid Fixed-Wireless Access Networks [8]. TU Berlin


Tobias Buchwald (2016). Bounds for Acyclic Network Flows [9]. TU Berlin

Daniel Markus Rehfeldt (2016). A Generic approach to Solving the Steiner Tree - Problem and Variants [10]. TU Berlin


Leon Eifler (2017). Mixed-Integer Programming for Clustering in Non-reversible Markov Processes [11]. TU Berlin

Christoph Schuber (2017). Multi-Level Lookahead Branching [12]. TU Berlin

Andreas Teuchert (2017). Degeneriertheit im Simplex-Verfahren [13]. TU Berlin


Lovis Anderson (2018). The Computation of the Volume of the Union of Polytopes via a Sweep-Plane Algorithm [14]. TU Berlin

Jenia Scheizel (2018). A first flow based heuristic for MIP modelled SCM problems [15]. TU Berlin

Mona Setje-Eilers (2018). Time series forecasting with mathematical programming [16]. TU Berlin

Svenja Uslu (2018). Enhancing a parallel interior point method for solving large-scale linear programs with general arrowhead structure [17]. TU Berlin

André Weltsch (2018). Fast Approximation of Equations of transient Gasflow [18]. TU Berlin


Mats Torre Olthoff (2019). Ein gemischt-ganzzahliger Programmierungsansatz für das Tourenplanungssystem mit zeitkritischen Gütern [19]. TU Berlin

Henriette Franz (2019). Connected Subgraphs with Budget Constraints: Formulations and Algorithms [20]. TU Berlin

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