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Submitted Paper:

  • O. Christensen, M. Hasannasab (2021)
    A survey on frame representations via dynamical sampling

  • R. Beinert, M. Hasannasab (2021)
    Phase Retrieval and System Identification in Dynamical Sampling via Prony's Method

Accepted/Published Papers:

  • Ana Benavente, Ole Christensen, Hong Oh Kim, Rae Young Kim, Federico D. Kovac (2021)
    Approximately dual pairs of wavelet frames
    Accepted for publication in Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications.

  • Ole Christensen, Marzieh Hasannasab (2021)
    Completion versus removal of redundancy by perturbation
    Canadian Mathematical Bulletin.

  • R. Beinert, M. Hasannasab (2021)
    Phase Retrieval via Polarization in Dynamical Sampling
    In: A. Elmoataz, J. Fadili, Y. Quéau, J. Rabin, L. Simon (Eds.)
    Scale Space and Variational Methods in Computer Vision. SSVM 2021
    Cham: Springer, 2021 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 12679), 516–527

  • S. Dahlke, F. De Mari, E. De Vito, M. Hansen, M. Hasannasab, M. Quellmalz, G. Steidl, G. Teschke (2020)
    Continuous Wavelet Frames on the Sphere: The Group-Theoretic Approach Revisited, 
    Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis. 56, pp.123-149, 2021.

  • M. Hasannasab, J. Hertrich, S. Neumayer, G. Plonka, S. Setzer, G. Steidl (2021)
    Parseval Proximal Neural Networks
    Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications, 26.4, 1–31.

  • M. Hasannasab, Johannes Hertrich, Friederike Laus and Gabriele Steidl (2020)
    Estimating the Degrees of Freedom Parameter of the Student-t Distribution with Application in Image Denoising
    Numerical Algorithms, 1-42.

  • O. Christensen, M. Hasannasab, G. Steidl (2020)
    On approximate operator representations of sequences in Banach spaces
    Complex Analysis and Operator Theory, 15.3 (2021): 1-22.

  • M. Hasannasab, O. Christensen, F. Philipp (2019)
    Frame properties of operator orbits
    Mathematische Nachrichten

  • M. Hasannasab, O. Christensen, (2019)
    Approximate frame representations via iterated operator systems
    Accepted for publication in Studia Mathematics

  • M. Hasannasab (2019)
    Modular Riesz bases versus Riesz bases in Hilbert C*-modules.
    Accepted for publication in Asian-European Journal of Mathematics.

  • M. Hasannasab, O. Christensen, (2018)
    Gabor frames in l2(Z) and linear dependence
    Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications

  • M. Hasannasab, O. Christensen, (2018)
    Frame properties of systems arising via iterative actions of operators,
    Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis

  • M. Hasannasab, O. Christensen, E. Rashidi, (2018)
    Dynamical Sampling and operator representations of frames
    Journal of Mathematical Analysis and application

  • M. Hasannasab, O. Christensen, D. Stoeva (2018)
    Operator representations of sequences and dynamical sampling
    Sampling Theory Signal Image Processing

  • M. Hasannasab, O. Christensen, (2017)
    Operator representations of frames: boundedness, duality, and stability
    Integral Equation and Operator Theory

  • M. Hasannasab, O. Christensen, J. Lemvig (2017)
    Explicit constructions and properties of generalized shift-invariant systems in L2(R)
    Advances in Computational Mathematics 

Conference papers / Book contributions:

  • M. Hasannasab, O. Christensen (2019)
    Frame representations via suborbits of bounded operators
    SAMPTA Conference
  • M. Hasannasab, O. Christensen, (2018)
    Frames, operator representations, and open problems
    The diversity and beauty of applied operator theory, Operator Theory: Advances and Applications, Birkhäuser / Springer, Cham .

  •  M. Hasannasab, O. Christensen (2017)
    Operator representations of frames
    SAMPTA conference



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