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Talks in Group Seminar

Group Seminar
Group Leader :
Prof. Dr. Gitta Kutyniok
Room :
MA 579
Talks by graduate students, PhD students, post-docs and current research topics 
Winter Semester 2019/2020
17.10.2019, 2-4PM
Julianne ChungMatthias Chung
Computational Methods for Large and Dynamic Inverse ProblemsSampled Limited Memory Methods for Least Squares Problems with Massive Data
14.11.2019, 8-10AM
Jan Macdonald

A Rate-Distortion Framework for Explaining Deep Neural Network Decisions
14.11.2019, 2-4PM
Michael C. Kampffmeyer
Towards Unsupervised Deep Learning
09.01.2020, 8-10AM
Johannes von Lindheim
09.01.2020, 2-4PM
Hector Andrade Loarca
16.01.2020, 8-10AM
Ingo Gühring

16.01.2020, 2-4PM
Alex Goeßmann
23.01.2020, 8-10AM
Qiao Luo
23.01.2020, 2-4PM
Ron Levie
06.02.2020, 8-10AM
Ali Hashemi
06.02.2020, 2-4PM
Moritz Geist
13.02.2020, 8-10AM
Mones Raslan
13.02.2020, 2-4PM
Sascha Hauch


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