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Talks in Group Seminar

Group Seminar
Group Leader:
Prof. Dr. Gitta Kutyniok [1]
Dr. Emily J. King
Th 14:00-16:00 in MA 407
Talks by graduate students, PhD students, post-docs, and sometimes also visitors on current research topics 
Wintersemester 2012/2013
Afonso Bandeira
(Princeton University)

Phaseless reconstruction via angular synchronization
Abstract [2]
Yizhi Sun
A brief introduction to Saint-Venant equations Abstract [3]
Alexander Paprotny
(Informeller Vortrag) A numerical elimination method for polynomial computations [4]  [5]
11.10.2012 (Achtung! 10 Uhr s.t.)
Irena Stojanoska
Generalized Shapiro polynomials and PONS matrices
Abstract [6]
Dr. Emily J. King
(Informeller Vortrag)   FFT and Protein-Protein Docking [7]
Dr. Sadegh Jokar
(Informeller Vortrag)  Gossip PCA [8]
Dr. Mijail Guillemard
Topology and Data Abstract [9]
Philipp Petersen
(Informeller Vortrag) A Generalized Prony Method for Reconstruction of Sparse Sums of Eigenfunctions of Linear Operators [10]
Dr. Jan Vybiral
(Informeller Vortrag)  Recovering low-rank matrices from few coefficients in any basis [11]
Jameson Cahill (U Missouri)
The Paulsen Problem Abstract [12]
Rafael Reisenhofer
(Informeller Vortrag)  Sparse Fourier Transform [13]
26.10.2012 (Achtung! um 16 Uhr MA 212)
Dr. Mijail Guillemard
(BMS What is ...? Seminar) What is persistent homology?
Irena Stojanoska
(Informeller Vortrag)  Statistical-Physics-Based Reconstruction in Compressed Sensing [14]
Dr. Wang-Q Lim
(Informeller Vortrag)  Unbiased Risk Estimates for Singular Value Thresholding and Spectral Estimators  [15]
Philipp Petersen
A shearlet based approach to the inverse scattering problem Abstract [16]
Alexander Paprotny
(Informeller Vortrag) How to choose a good scientific problem [17]
Yizhi Sun
(Informeller Vortrag) Random tight frames [18] 
Rafael Reisenhofer
Future Applications of Shearlets Abstract [19]
Jan Vybiral
(Informeller Vortrag) Suprema of Chaos Processes and the Restricted Isometry Property [20]
Sadegh Jokar
(Informeller Vortrag)  New constructions of RIP matrices with fast multiplication and fewer rows [21]
Sandra Keiper
Puzzeln mit Cartoons - Shearlet-Approximation von Cartoon-ähnlichen Bildern [22]
Philipp Petersen
(Informeller Vortrag) A Peculiar Connection Between the Axiom of Choice and Predicting the Future [23]  [24]
Dr. Wang-Q Lim
(Informeller Vortrag) Image denoising by sparse 3D transform-domain collaborative filtering [25]
Martin Schaefer
(Informeller Vortrag) An uncertainty principle for cyclic groups of prime order [26]
23.11.2012 (Ort/Zeit TBA)
Sandra Keiper
(Dies Mathematicus) Puzzeln mit Cartoons - Shearlet-Approximation von Cartoon-ähnlichen Bildern [27]
Dr. Sadegh Jokar
A multilevel sparse approximation approach for elliptic partial differential equations Abstract [28]
Rafael Reisenhofer
(Informeller Vortrag) Deciphering subsampled data: adaptive compressive sampling as a principle of brain communication [29]
Dr. Emily J. King
(Informeller Vortrag) Syndetic sets, paving, and the Feichtinger conjecture [30]
Prof. Dr. Martin Skutella (TU Berlin)
Hard Problems and Efficient Algorithms in Combinatorial Optimization Abstract [31]
Irena Stojanoska
(Informeller Vortrag) The Cosparse Analysis Model and Algorithms [32] 
MATHEON Konferenz
Kein Vortrag
Dr. Jan Vybiral
(In)tractability Abstract [33]
Prof. Dr. Tomas Sauer (Universität Passau)
Interpolation in Several Variables 
Dr. Jan Vybiral
(Informeller Vortrag) Nonadaptive Compressed Sensing with Binary Matrices [34]
Dr. Sadegh Jokar
(Informeller Vortrag) Sparse representations with minimum $ell_infty$ norm [35]
Ché Netzer
Alexander Paprotny
Shortest Path Problems and the Notion of a Geodesic Covering
Dr. Jan Vybiral
(Informeller Vortrag) Nonadaptive Compressed Sensing with Binary Matrices: Instance Optimal
Error Guarantees in Near-Optimal Time [37]
Mijail Guillemard
(Informeller Vortrag) Stability of Persistent Diagrams [38]
Prof. Dr. Martin Burger (WWU Münster)
Mathematical challenges in neuronal polarization
31.1.2013 (Achtung! Um 14:30)
Dr. Emily J. King
(Informeller Vortrag) Collective dynamics of `small-world' networks [39]
Philipp Petersen
(Informeller Vortrag) A differential equations approach to l_1 minimization with 
[40]applications to array imaging [41]
Rafael Reisenhofer
(Informeller Vortrag) Shearlab 3D


Summer term 2012 [42]

Winter term 2011/2012 [43]

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