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Journal Publications
A. Flinth and S. Keiper
Recovery of Binary Sparse Signals with Biased Measurement Matrices.
Submitted, 2018.
S. Keiper.
Approximation of Generalized Ridge Functions in High Dimensions.
Submitted, 2017.
S. Keiper, G. Kutyniok, D. G. Lee, and G. E. Pfander.
Compressed Sensing for Finite-Valued Signals.
Linear Algebra Appl. (2017), 532(1), 570-613.
P. Grohs, S. Keiper, G. Kutyniok, and M. Schäfer.
Appl. Comput. Harmon. Anal., 41(1):297-336, 2016.
P. Grohs, S. Keiper, G. Kutyniok, and M. Schäfer.
Cartoon Approximation with $\alpha$-Curvelets.
J. Fourier Anal. Appl., 22(6):1235-1293, 2016.

Refereed Conference Publications
P. Grohs, S. Keiper, G. Kutyniok, and M. Schäfer.
Parabolic Molecules: Curvelets, Shearlets, and Beyond.
Approximation Theory XIV (San Antonio, TX, 2013), 141-172, Springer Proc. Math., 2014.
S. Keiper, G.Kutyniok, P. Grohs, and M. Schäfer.
Alpha-Molecules: Curvelets, Shearlets, Ridgelets, and Beyond.
Wavelets and Sparsity XV (San Diego, CA, 2013), 885804-1-885804-12, SPIE Proc. 8858, SPIE, Bellingham, WA, 2013.
Sandra Keiper
Analysis of Generalized High Dimensional Ridge Function.
Masterarbeit, TU Berlin, 2015.
Sandra Keiper
A Flexible Shearlet Transform - Sparse Aproximations and Dictionary Lerning, (PDF, 14,3 MB)
Bachelorarbeit, TU Berlin, 2012

1. Platz beim Dies Mathematicus: "Bester Abschluss 2012 (Bachelor)"


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