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Eingereichte Arbeiten

Eingereichte / Sonstige Arbeiten
I. Gühring, M. Raslan, G. Kutyniok
Expressivity of Deep Neural Networks, 2020
This review paper will appear as a book chapter in the book “Theory of Deep Learning” by Cambridge University Press.
M. Geist, P. Petersen, M. Raslan, R. Schneider, G. Kutyniok
Numerical Solution of the Parametric Diffusion Equation by Deep Neural Networks, 2020

Veröffentlichte Arbeiten

Veröffentlichte Arbeiten
I. Gühring, M. Raslan

G. Kutyniok, P. Petersen, M. Raslan, R. Schneider
A Theoretical Analysis of Deep Neural Networks and Parametric PDEs, accepted for publication in Constructive Approximation (2020)

P. Petersen, M. Raslan, F. Voigtländer
Topological Properties of the set of functions generated by neural networks of fixed size
Foundations of Computational Mathematics, Online First, (2020)
P. Grohs, G. Kutyniok, J. Ma, P. Petersen, M. Raslan
Anisotropic multiscale systems on bounded domains
Advances in Computational Mathematics 46, 39 (2020)
P. Petersen, M. Raslan
Approximation properties of shearlet frames for Sobolev Spaces, Advances in Computational Mathematics 45, 1581-1606 (2019)


Mones Raslan
Construction and Analysis of Shearlet Frames for Sobolev Spaces
Masterarbeit, TU Berlin, 2017
Mones Raslan
Ridgelets and Linear Transport Equations
Bachelorarbeit, TU Berlin, 2015



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