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Data Science

The 21st century is often refered as a the "century of data". And indeed today not only in science, data plays an integral role, but also in public life, for instance, in medicine or telecommunication. Our whole society is increasingly dependent on efficient and reliable data acquisition, analysis, and other types of processing such as transmission, with failure leading easily to a rapid collapse. 

Data science as a novel scientific area studies all types of data ranging from signals, images, videos to high-dimensional data, and also including very complicated data sets such as, for instance, data from flight recoders often modeled as manifold valued functions. As diverse as the types are as diverse are the problems we are required to solve, with the main categories being already stated above.

Thus, this is a very exciting research area which becomes more and more important as data governs our life to an ever increasing degree. It is also highly interdisciplinary with mathematicians and computer scientists at the heart, but in close interaction with researchers from the respective disciplines the data comes from. And already within mathematics, the methodologies used and required cover various areas of mathematics, more theoretical as well as more practical fields.

Some of our Research Topics

Due to the broadness of this research area, several research directions already discussed on the other pages are included such as the acquisition, analysis, and processing of signals and imaging data as well as high-dimensional data.

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