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Refereed Journals

M. Eisenmann and R. Kruse
Two quadrature rules for stochastic Itō-integrals with fractional Sobolev regularity
Communications in Mathematical Sciences, 16(8) (2018), 2125 – 2146 
DOI:   10.4310/CMS.2018.v16.n8.a4
arXiv1712.08152, 2018

M. Eisenmann, E. Emmrich, and V. Mehrmann
Convergence of the backward Euler scheme for the operator-valued Riccati differential equation with semi-definite data
Evolution Equations and Control Theory, 8(2) (2019), 315-342 
DOI:   10.3934/eect.2019017
arXiv1803.11152, 2018

M. Eisenmann, M. Kovács, R. Kruse, and S. Larsson
On a randomized backward Euler method for nonlinear evolution equations with time-irregular coefficients
Foundations of Computational Mathematics, (2019), (Online First) 
DOI:   10.1007/s10208-018-09412-w 

M. Eisenmann and E. Hansen
Convergence analysis of domain decomposition based time integrators for degenerate parabolic equations
Numerische Mathematik, 140(4) (2018), 913-938.
DOI:   10.1007/s00211-018-0985-z
arXiv: 1708.01479


M. Eisenmann, M. Kovács, R. Kruse, and S. Larsson
Error estimates of the backward Euler-Maruyama method for multi-valued stochastic differential equations
arXiv1906.11538, 2019

M. Eisenmann and E. Hansen
A variational approach to splitting schemes, with applications to domain decomposition integrators
arXiv1902.10023, 2019


M. Eisenmann supervised by Prof. Dr. E. Emmrich
Zur operatorwertigen Riccati-Differentialgleichung
Masterarbeit Technische Universität Berlin (2015)

M. Eisenmann supervised by Dr. P. Winkert
The Eigenvalue Problem of the p-Laplacian with Robin Boundary Condition
Bachelorarbeit Technische Universität Berlin (2013)

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