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FG DifferentialgleichungenDifferentialgleichungen IIA SoSe 2019 (english)

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Differentialgleichungen IIA


All material this semester will provided via ISIS. Please enrol in the corresponding course.

Lecture times

Lecture times
10 am 
- 12 pm

BH-N 334
Dr. Hans-Christian Kreulser
12 pm 
- 2 pm

Exercise class

MA 376
Lukas Geuter
MA 568

Contents of the course

This lecture provides an introduction to boundary value problems for linear and nonlinear elliptic differential equations of second order. We will discuss Sobolev spaces, which rely on a generalized notion of differentiability, variational problems and the associated operator equations, monotone operators, Galerkin methods and linear finite elements as well as the Lax-Milgram lemma and the theorem of Zarantonello.

This 2-hour lecture will be held weekly and is worth 5 ECTS.


Differentialgleichungen I or equivalent knowledge as well as Analysis I and II.

Homework and exams

There will be biweekly voluntary homework sheets available, which will be marked if they are handed during the exercise class on thursday. After the end of the lecture period there will be oral exams for which the dates are yet to be set.


The lecture mostly follows

  • E. Emmrich. Gewöhnliche und Operator-Differentialgleichungen: Eine integrierte Einführung in Randwertprobleme und Evolutionsgleichungen für Studierende. Vieweg, Wiesbaden, 2004

Furthermore, we recommend the following

  • M. Renardy, R. C. Rogers. An introduction to partial differential equations. Springer, New York, 2nd ed. 2004

Further recommendations...
    ... on ordinary differential equations you'll find here (as a PDF file) 
    ... on partial differential equations you'll find here (as a PDF file)
    ... on analysis and functional analysis you'll find here (as a PDF file)
    ... on numerics of partial differential equations you'll find here (as a PDF file)



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