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Mini-Workshop: Mathematical Analysis for Peridynamics

Oberwolfach Mini-Workshop "Mathematical Analysis for Peridynamics [1]" January 16-22, 2011 organised by Etienne Emmrich, Rich Lehoucq and Max Gunzburger Please also have a look at the Oberwolfach Report [2]. Particpants and Talks

Nathanial Burch
Generalized Master Equations for Continuous Time Random Walks on Bounded Domains (PDF) [3]

Qiang Du
Mathematical and numerical analysis of PD (PDF) [4]

Etienne Emmrich
On the existence of solutions to problems in elastodynamics and an open question in peridynamics

Husnu Erbay
Global existence and blow-up results for some problems in nonlinear nonlocal elasticity (PDF) [5]

Albert Erkip
The Cauchy problem for a nonlinear peridynamic equation (PDF) [6]

Max Gunzburger
PD FEM and nonlocal vector calculus (PDF) [7]

Ulrich Hetmaniuk

James Kamm
A Model for Nonlocal Advection (PDF) [8]

Frederic Legoll
Coarse-graining atomistic models at finite temperature

Richard B. Lehoucq
Stat mech of pd and nonlocal balance laws

Robert Lipton
Multiscale Dynamics of Heterogeneous Media in the Peridynamic Formulation (PDF) [9]

Tadele Mengesha
Variational Theory for Nonlocal Boundary Value Problems (PDF) [10]

Michael Parks
Computational Peridynamics (PDF) [11]

Petronela Radu
Dirichlet's principle and well posedness of steady state solutions in Peridynamics (PDF) [12]

Julio D. Rossi
A nonlocal p-Lapacian evolution equation (PDF) [13]

Pablo Seleson
Connecting peridynamic models and coupling local and nonlocal systems (PDF) [14]

Olaf Weckner
Analytical solutions in peridynamics using Fourier transformations (PDF) [15]

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