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Propagating topological transformations in thin immiscible bilayer films, with M. Hennessy, V. Burlakov, A. Münch, A. Goriely. EPL 105 66001 doi:10.1209/0295-5075/105/66001, 2014
Influence of slip on the Rayleigh--Plateau rim instability in dewetting viscous films, with O. Bäumchen, L. Marquant, R. Blossey, A. Münch, K. Jacobs. Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 014501, 2014
Controlled topological transitions in thin film phase separation, with M. Hennessy, V. Burlakov, A. Münch, A. Goriely, accepted SIAM Journal for Applied Mathematics,  WIAS Preprint 1885
Equilibrium shapes of poly-crystalline silicon nanodots, with M. Korzec, M. Roczen, M.  Schade, B. Rech. J. Appl. Phys. 115, 074304 , 2014
Stability Analysis of Unsteady, Nonuniform Base States in Thin Film Equations, with M. Dziwnik, M. Korzec, A. Münch. Multiscale Model. Simul., 12(2), 755-780, 2014
Impact of interfacial slip on the stability of liquid two-layer polymer films, with S. Jachalski, D. Peschka, A. Münch. Journal of Engineering Mathematics, Volume 86, Issue 1, pp 9-29, 2014
Stationary solutions of liquid two-layer thin-film models., with S. Jachalski, R. Huth, G. Kitavtsev, D. Peschka. SIAM J. Appl. Math., 73 (3):1183-1202, 2013
Droplets on liquids and their long way into equilibrium, with S. Bommer, S. Jachalski, D. Peschka, R. Seemann. The European Physical Journal E, 36:87, 2013
Anisotropic surface energy formulations and their effect on stability of a growing thin film, with M. Korzec, A. Münch. IFB 14(4), 2012
Asymptotics for the spectrum of the linearized thin film equation in a singular liwith, with G. Kitavtsev, L. Recke. SIAM J. Appl. Dyn. Syst., 11(2):1425-1457, 2012
Conductivity in nonpolar media: Experimental and numerical studies on sodium AOT=hexadecane, lecithin-hexadecane
and aluminum(III)-3,5-diisopropyl salicylate-hexadecane systems, with J. Schmidt, R. Prignitz, D. Peschka, A. Münch, E. Bansch, W. Peukert. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 386(1):240-251, 2012
Spin coating of an evaporating polymer solution, with A. Münch, C. Please. Phys. Fluids, 23:102101, 2011
Centre manifold reduction approach for the lubrication equation, with G. Kitavtsev, L. Recke. Nonlinearity, 24(8):2347-2369, 2011
Dynamic formation of oriented patches in chondrocyte cell cultures, with M. Grote, V. Palumberi, A. Barbero, I. Martin. J Math Biol. 63(4):757-77, 2011
Impact of slippage on the morphology and stability of a dewetting rim, with A. M\"unch. J. Phys.: Condens. Matter, 23 (2011) pp. 184101/1--184101/12
Interface morphologies in liquid/liquid dewetting}, with K. Kostourou, D. Peschka, A. Münch, S. Herminghaus, R. Seemann. Chemical Engineering and Processing., 63, pp. 177-195, 2010
Coarsening dynamics of slipping droplets, with G. Kitavtsev. J. Eng. Math., 66:271-292, 2010
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Spinodal dewetting of thin films with large interfacial slip: implications from the dispersion relation, with M. Rauscher, R. Blossey, A. Münch. Langmuir, 24 (21), pp 12290-12294, 2008
Stationary solutions of driven fourth- and sixth-order Cahn-Hilliard type equations, with M.D. Korzec, P.L. Evans, A. Münch.
SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics, 69, pp. 348-374, 2008
Galerkin method for feedback controlled Rayleigh-B{\'e}nard convection, with A. Münch. Nonlinearity, 21(11), pp. 2625-2651, 2008
Quantifying hydrodynamic slip: A comprehensive analysis of dewetting profiles, with R. Fetzer, A. Münch, M. Rauscher and K. Jacobs,  Langmuir, 23(21), pp. 10559-10566, 2007
On the Landau--Levich problem for non-Newtonian liquids, with K. Afanasiev und A. Münch,  Physical Review E , 76, id 036307, 2007
Thin film dynamics on vertically rotating disk partially immersed in a liquid bath, with K. Afanasiev and A. Münch, in press: Applied Mathematical Modelling (available online June 2007)
A thin film model for corotational Jeffreys fluids under strong slip, with M. Rauscher, A. Münch und R. Blossey, Eur. Phys. J. E -- Soft Matter, 20 (2006) pp. 365-368
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Experimental and Mathematical study of the influence of growth factor
on the growth kinetics of adult human articular chondrocytes, with
A. Barbero, V. Palumberi, R. Sader, M. J. Grote, I.
Martin, J. Cellular Physiol. 204 (2005), pp. 830--838
Contact-line instability for dewetting thin films, with A.
Münch, Physica D. 209 (2005), pp.178-190
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An Asymptotic Approach to Second-kind Similarity Solutions of the Modified Porous-medium Equation, J. Engrg. Math., 53 (2005) pp. 201-220
Positive feedback control of Rayleigh-Benard convection,
with A. L. Bertozzi and L. E. Howle, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems, Series B, Vol. 3 (4) , pp. 619-642, 2003
On the generation and spreading of finger instabilities in film coating
processes, in: High Perform. Sci. Engin. Comp., pp. 245-254,
Eds. Bungartz, Durst, Zenger, Springer Verlag, 1999,
with A. Münch, K.H. Hoffmann
Numerical and Asymptotic Results on the Linear Stability of a Thin Film
Spreading down a Slope of Small Inclination, E.J.A.M., Vol. 10 (3),
pp. 297-318, 1999, with A. Münch
On self-similar solutions of Barenblatt's nonlinear filtration equation,
E.J.A.M., Vol. 7, pp. 151-167, 1996, with J. D. Cole
Asymptotic Solution for Nonlinear Chemical Vapor Deposition Problems, Quart. J. App. Math., 1993, Vol. 195, pp. 585-597, with O.Tikhomirov, B. Cassis
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Symp. Proc., Vol. 347, 1994, Materials Research Society, with G. A.
Microwave heating of carbon-coated ceramic fibres: A mathematical model,
IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics, 1995, Vol. 55, pp. 243-255, with
G. A. Kriegsmann
Robust Fluid Dynamical Closures of the Broadwell Model, Phys.
Lett. A, Vol. 174, No.3, 1993, pp. 220-228, with C. D. Levermore
Derivation of the High Field Semiconductor Equations, IMA,
Vol. 59, pp. 159-184, 1994, Semiconductors Part II, with P.
S. Hagan, R. W. Cox
Generalization of Nonweiler Wings to two-dimensional Flow Fields Supporting Power Law and Exponential Shock Shapes,
reviewed Proceedings of 1st International Hypersonic Waverider Symposium, University of Maryland, 1990
Optimum Hypersonic Airfoil for Power Law Shock Waves, AIAA Journal, Vol. 28, No 12, p. 2134, 1990


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