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FG Mathematische Methoden in der PhotovoltaikLecture: "Mathematical Modeling"

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Lecture: "Mathematical Modeling", summer term 2014

In this course I will give an introduction to the methods and techniques used to derive mathematical models that describe phenomena arising in nature and technological processes. I will cover methods such as dimensional analysis, similarity analysis and various asymptotic techniques that are used to reduce the complexity and mathematically analyse the typically multiscale nature of real world problems.

Prof. Dr. Barbara Wagner
  • Tue, 2pm - 4pm, room MA 642
  • Thu, 2pm - 4pm, room MA 751
The lecture can be in English or German.
Introduction to Kinetics, Conservation Laws, Diffusion and various aspects of Continuum Mechanics, Solid as well as Fluid Mechanics.
Target group
Students of "Mathematik MSc", "Scientific Computing MSc", "Technomathematik MSc", "Physik" and "Ingenieurwissenschaften", "Elektrotechnik" and "Informatik".
  • Kevorkian/Cole, "Multiple Scales and Singular Perturbation Methods", Springer
  • Lin/Segel/Handelman, "Deterministic Problems in the Natural Sciences", Macmillan
  • Eck/Garcke/Knabner, "Mathematische Modellierung", Springer 2008


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