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Lecture: "Asymptotic Analysis II", summer term 2015


Prof. Dr. Barbara Wagner

3236 L 219
Dates and rooms:
  • Wednesday, 12-2 pm, room: MA 651
  • Wednesday, 4-6 pm, room: MA 850
English or German
In this course we develop theory and methods that enable reduction and asymptotic solution of multiple-scale problems. We cover the method of "matched asymptotics", the method of multiple scales, WKBJ method and apply them for the analysis of partial differential equations. Apart from these methods we also introduce the method of homogenisation, linear and nonlinear wave motion, weakly nonlinear stability analysis and asymptotic derivation of sharp-interface models.
  • Kevorkian/Cole: "Multiple Scales and Singular Perturbation Methods", Springer 1996
  • Lin/Segel/Handelman: "Deterministic Problems in the Natural Sciences", Macmillan Publishing Co,. Inc.
Further literature for special topics will be announced in the lecture.
"Analysis" I-III and "Lineare Algebra" I-II are necessary, "Asyptotic Analysis: Theory and Methods" will be very helpful.
Performance record:
It is possible to get a performance record about the successful application of the taught solving methods for a concrete problem.



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