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Asymptotic Analysis WS 2012/13

Lecture Asymptotic Analysis: Theory and Methods

Prof. Dr. Barbara Wagner

Tue, 2-4 pm, MA 645
No lecture on 12.2.2013.
Additional lecture on 5.2.2013, at 12:15, in MA 645


Problems in the natural sciences and technology typically act on different (large and small) time- and spatial scales. In the corresponding mathematical model equations this is reflected by the  appearance of small parameters in the model.

In this course we develop theory and methods that enable reduction and asymptotic solution of these multiple-scale problems. We cover the method of "matched asymptotics", the method of multiple scales, WKBJ method and apply them for the analysis of ordinary differential equations.

In the following lecture (summer term 2013) we expand the method for nonlinear partial differential equations. Further, we will study homogenisation problems.


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