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MATHEON meets BMS 2012

On the second joint young researcher's weekend in Blossin
From the 28th of September to the 30th in the same month of 2012 young researchers from Matheon and the Berlin Mathematical School (BMS) gathered in Blossin, near Königs Wusterhausen, to exchange their knowledge from very different mathematical fields, to improve their presentation skills and to network with colleagues. The positive atmosphere, qualitative distinguished talks and the friendly autumn weather made it a nice experience for everyone. 

On Friday evening the event began with an introduction and an explanation of the blind-date project proposal idea. If was followed by a soft-skill presentation by Marcus Weber, who is a new member representative in the Matheon council. He has shown, with many examples, how one can prepare oneself for an important talk, how individual slides can be improved and that beamer presentations are not the only way to a successful contribution. 

In the morning of Saturday a small workshop started. This young researcher's weekend is the first one that allowed the participants to actively influence the main program. Eleven short talks from various fields of mathematics, from pure to applied projects, modular forms, DAE simulation, elliptic curves or implant optimization and many other topics have been addressed and discussed. The contributions were held on a level that was good to follow for any PhD student in mathematics. The participants found this kind of exchange very useful and the evaluation of their comments suggests to continue with this form for the events. It allowed to gain an overview of modern mathematics seen from different angles.  

In the afternoon everyone had some time for self-organized activities, e.g. to do sports. It turned out that once again a German soccer team lost because of the defense skills and target accuracy of an Italian playing for the opposite team. However, time for leisure was limited as the blind date presentations had to be prepared for the evening. Therefore we randomly divided the participants into groups of three young researcher's who had to present a joint project that comprises the mathematical skills of each of the members. This format, suggested by Max Wardetzky und Brigitte Lutz-Westphal (for more information - in German - klick here), resulted once again in very stimulating results and discussions in the evening, with many different abstract projects. All participants had to cope with mathematics from various mathematical fields. Their brainstorms turned out to be very successful. 

On Sunday morning we had the great pleasure to hear talks by the (future) DMV and GAMM presidents, Jürg Kramer and Volker Mehrmann. During the first presentation, Basic arithmetic operations and beyond we learned about the fifth basic arithmetic operation, or more precisely, what Eichler meant when saying ''There are five elementary arithmetical operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and... modular forms.'' In the second presentation, entitled Modeling, Simulation and Control of Descriptor systems, Volker Mehrmann explained many of the possible applications of DAEs in real world problems. In the context of our motto Matheon meets BMS, the heads of both organizations supported the weekend with perfectly fitting, very good talks. After the lunch, everyone headed home, with a nice, calm feeling of having learned a lotdespite having experienced a weekend full of fun. 

Let us mention a few of the overall very positive comments by the participants: 

It was great too get to know people with similar interests.
Please organize it again!
Such type of gathering should be happening again in future.
It was a great, positive workshop!
It has been a very pleasant experience. I really liked the way it was organized.
The blind dates were very effective.
The weekend was great. I honestly cannot mention any negative experience.

Acknowledgment: The weekend has been sponsored by the DFG research center Matheon and the Berlin Mathematical School (BMS) . We thank everyone who gave a lecture and the participants for their enthusiasm and their pleasure in mathematics. 

Participants: Tobias Ahnert, Thomas Arnold, Anilatmaja Aryasomayajula, Marco Blanco, Adrian Gonzales Casanova, Nawinda Chutsagulprom, Agnes Cseh, Marion Dziwnik,Konstantin Emich, Giovanni De Gaetano, Raheem Gul, Lennart Jansen, Barbara Jung, Maciek Korzec, Kaie Kubjas, Lars Lubkoll, Antareep Mandal, Dany Pascal Moualeu, Irina Mustata, Juan Camilo Orduz, Anna von Pippich, Swetlana Schyschlowa, Irena Stojanoska, Kevin Sturm, Ingmar Vierhaus, Wolfgang Welz 

Special guests: Jürg Kramer, Volker Mehrmann 

The organization in Blossin has been carried out by Maciek Korzec, Anna von Pippich and Marcus Weber.

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