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Dr. Michael Karow

Refereed articles

Donnerstag, 08. September 2011

  1. M. Karow. Structured pseudospectra for small perturbations. SIAM. J. Matrix Anal. & Appl. 32, 1383 (2011). pdf                                                                             
  2. M. Karow. μ-values and spectral value sets for linear perturbation classes defined by a scalar product. SIAM. J. Matrix Anal. & Appl. 32, 845 (2011). pdf (preprint version).                                                                                                           
  3.  M. Karow.  Structured pseudospectra and the condition of a nonderogatory eigenvalue. SIAM. J. Matrix Anal. & Appl. 31, 2860 (2010). pdf                                                                                                                         
  4. A. Alam, S. Bora, M. Karow, V. Mehrmann, J. Moro. Perturbation theory for Hamiltonian matrices and the distance to bounded realness. SIAM. J. Matrix Anal. & Appl. 32, 484 (2011). pdf                                                     
  5. M. Karow, E. Kokiopoulou, and D. Kressner. On the computation of structured singular values and pseudospectra. Systems Control Lett., 59(2):122-129, 2010.   pdf   (preprint version)                                             Software package 'Structured Eigtool': information and download                                   
  6. M. Karow, D. Kressner. On the structured distance to uncontrollability. Systems & Control Letters, 58(2):128-132, 2009.  pdf (preprint version).                                                                                                    
  7. M. Karow, D. Hinrichsen, A. J. Pritchard. Interconnected systems with uncertain couplings: explicit formulae for μ-values, spectral value sets and stability radii. SIAM J. Control Opt. 45(3):856-884, 2006. pdf  (preprint version)                                                                                       
  8. M. Karow, D. Kressner, F. Tisseur. Structured Eigenvalue Condition Numbers. SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl. 28(4):1052-1068, 2006. pdf (preprint version)                                                                                       
  9. M. Karow. Eigenvalue condition numbers and a formula of Burke, Lewis and Overton. Electron. J. Linear Algebra 15:143-153, 2006. pdf                                                                                          
  10. E.Gutkin, E. Jonckheere, M. Karow. Convexity of the joint numerical range: Topological and differential geometric viewpoints. Linear Algebra Appl., 376: 143-171, 2004. pdf (preprint version)                                                    
  11. M. Karow. Self-adjoint operators and pairs of Hermitian forms over the quaternions. Linear Algebra Appl. 299, No.1-3, 101-117, 1999. pdf (preprint version)                                                                                      
  12. M. Karow. On real spectral value sets of real normal matrices. ZAMM, Z. Angew. Math. Mech. 79, Suppl. 3, 909-910, 1999.  pdf (preprint version)



Other Publications

Freitag, 16. September 2011

  • Olga Holtz, Michael Karow. Real and Complex Operator Norms.   arXiv:math/0512608v1pdf                                                                         
  • Michael Karow, Diederich Hinrichsen, Anthony J. Pritchard. Stablility radii and spectral value sets for generalized Gershgorin perturbations. Proceedings CDC06, pp. 5760-5765. San Diego, Dec. 2006. pdf                    
  • Anna Jahnke, Felix Ziegler, Michael Karow. Re-evaluation of the Honigman-process: thermodynamical heat store for the supply of electricity and refrigeration. Heat powered cycles conference. TU Berlin, September 2009. pdf


Freitag, 16. September 2011

  • Michael Karow. Eigenvalue condition numbers for structured perturbations. An approach via spectral value sets and μ-functions. Workshop on structured perturbations and distance problems , Bedlewo, March 2007.  pdf                                                                                            
  • Michael Karow. Structured pseudospectra and the condition of a nonderogatory eigenvalue. ILAS07, Shanghai, July 2007.  pdf              


Freitag, 16. September 2011

  • Michael Karow. Hermitesch-symmetrische Ungleichungen und der reelle Stabilitätsradius. Diploma Thesis, Universität Bremen, 1997.                         
  • Michael Karow. Geometry of spectral value sets. PhD Thesis, Universität Bremen, 2003.  ps-file



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