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Numerical linear algebra

time, date, place

  • lecture: Wed 12-2pm in room MA 850 (note the new room!)
    first lecture: October 23rd, last lecture: February, 12th
  • excercises: Thu, 8-10am in room MA 376
    first excercise: November, 7th, then every 14 days
  • lecturer: C. Schröder
  • dates of oral exam: March 3rd, March 4th, April 15th, April 16th
  • the exams on April, 16th, at 11.40am and 12.20pm had to be moved to 2.00pm and 2.40pm, respectively!
  • result of the evaluation


  • english script by Diana Muradjan
  • german script by Benedikt Bodendorf
  • both scripts are revised versions, but no guarantees for correctness
  • thanks to both for sharing their work



On November, 22th, 2013 this years Dies Mathematicus will take place featuring talks by finalists, an alumni talk on mathematics in practice, and a party. For details see www.math.tu-berlin.de/dies/2013



  1. Skript, Numerische Lineare Algebra, C. Mehl, 2005 (German)
  2. L. Trefethen, D. Bau, Numerical linear algebra, SIAM Philadelphia, 1997
  3. C. Mehl, S. Börm, Numerical Methods for Eigenvalue Problems, De Gruyter, to appear, 2012

further reading

  1. G. Golub, C. Van Loan, Matrix Computations, 3rd Ed, Boltimore, 1996
  2. N.J. Higham, Accuracy and stability of numerical algorithms, Philadelphia, 2002

how to get the "Schein"

In order to get the "Schein" (proof that you took part and required to do the exam) you should

  • actively take part in the exercises. Handing in written solutions is not neccessary, but take some time and get some ideas how to approach the tasks,

or (in case you are occupied during the exercise times)

  • do the programming exercises and hand in your programs within seven days after the corresponding exercise.

Zusatzinformationen / Extras


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