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Research interests

I am working on the palindromic eigenvalue problem. Palindromes are woerds that read the same from the front and the back, like mom, dad, rotor.

Transferring the principle to eigenvalue problems yields $Ax=lambda A^Tx$. $A$ is a quadratic matrix, $A^T$ its transpose, $x$ is a vector and $lambda$ a number. The fact that $A$ and its transpose are involved implies many effects. E.g., one can show that if $lambda$ is an eigenvalue than so is $1 / lambda$.

The palindromic eigenvalue problem arises in a number of engeneering problems, e.g., the modelling of high speed trains or the time discrete optimal control problem.

This work is part of the project C4 [1] of the

research center MATHEON [2], sponsored by the German Research Council.

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