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Research interests

I am working on the palindromic eigenvalue problem. Palindromes are woerds that read the same from the front and the back, like mom, dad, rotor.

Transferring the principle to eigenvalue problems yields $Ax=\lambda A^Tx$. $A$ is a quadratic matrix, $A^T$ its transpose, $x$ is a vector and $\lambda$ a number. The fact that $A$ and its transpose are involved implies many effects. E.g., one can show that if $\lambda$ is an eigenvalue than so is $1 / \lambda$.

The palindromic eigenvalue problem arises in a number of engeneering problems, e.g., the modelling of high speed trains or the time discrete optimal control problem.

This work is part of the project C4 of the

research center MATHEON, sponsored by the German Research Council.


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