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  • Optimal control of partial differential equations
  • Numerical methods and analysis for optimal control problems

Abgeschlossene Forschungsprojekte 2000-2018

  • With H. Engel: Control of travelling and rotating waves in spatially extended nonlinear systems, Project B6 in SFB 910 at TU Berlin.

    • With R. Schneider: Optimal control of evolution Maxwell equations and low rank approximation, Project D-SE9 in the DFG Research Center Matheon, supported by the Einstein Center ECMath.
    • With S. Volkwein: A posteriori error estimators for nonlinear optimal control problems with PDE constraints (supported by DFG).
    • With H. Engel and C. Ryll: Optimal Control of Nonlinear Waves in Three-Dimensional Dissipative Active Media, Project B6 in SFB 910 at TU Berlin.
    • With J. Sprekels, O. Klein, P.E. Druet, I. Yousept, N. Schlömer: Simulation and Optimization of Semiconductor Crystal Growth from the Melt Controlled by Traveling Magnetic Fields. Supported by DFG Research Center ''Mathematics for key technologies'' , project C9
    • With S. Stingelin, K. Altmann: Optimal Control of Magnetic Fields. Supported by Endress+Hauser Flowtec AG
    • With I. Neitzel: Numerical analysis of state-constrained optimal control problems (supported by DFG priority program 1253 ''Optimization with PDEs'')
    • With J. Sprekels, O. Klein, A. Rösch, C. Meyer: Optimal control of sublimation growth of SiC bulk single crystals (supported by DFG Research Center ''Math. for key technologies'', project C9)
    • With P. Deuflhard and M. Weiser: Interior point methods for semilinear PDEs (supported by DFG Research Center ''Mathematics for key technologies'', project A1)
    • With V. Mehrmann: Model reduction and optimal control of fluids (supported by SFB 557, ''Beeinflussung komplexer turbulenter Scherströmungen'')



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