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A framework for deflated and augmented Krylov subspace methods, jointly with A. Gaul, M. Gutknecht, and J. Liesen
Multilevel methods, C.B.S. constants and spectral equivalence, jointly with F. Goßler
Deflation and Projection Methods applied to positive semidefinite systems, jointly with E. Ludwig, and J. Tang


Nabben, Reinhard (1993). A new application for generalized $M$-matrices. Numerical linear algebra (Kent, OH, 1992). de Gruyter, 179–192.

Nabben, R. (1991). Konvergente Iterationsverfahren für unsymmetrische Blockmatrizen. Universität Bielefeld

Frommer, A. and Nabben, R. Szyld, D.B. (). Restricted Additive and Multiplicative Schwarz Methods. Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Domain Decomposition in Lyon, France, 369-375.


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