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A framework for deflated and augmented Krylov subspace methods, jointly with A. Gaul, M. Gutknecht, and J. Liesen
Multilevel methods, C.B.S. constants and spectral equivalence, jointly with F. Goßler
Deflation and Projection Methods applied to positive semidefinite systems, jointly with E. Ludwig, and J. Tang


Deflation acceleration for domain decomposition preconditioners
Citation key NTV06
Author Nabben, R. and J. Tang, J. and Vuik, C.
Title of Book Proceedings of the 8th European Multigrid Conference September 27-30, (2005) Scheveningen The Hague, The Netherlands
Year 2006
Address Delft
Editor P. Wesseling, C.W. Oosterlee, P. Hemker
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