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A framework for deflated and augmented Krylov subspace methods, jointly with A. Gaul, M. Gutknecht, and J. Liesen
Multilevel methods, C.B.S. constants and spectral equivalence, jointly with F. Goßler
Deflation and Projection Methods applied to positive semidefinite systems, jointly with E. Ludwig, and J. Tang


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Butkovivc, Peter and Hogben, Leslie and Nabben, Reinhard and Strakovs, Zdenvek and Tøcircuma, Miroslav (2007). A brief biography and appreciation of Miroslav Fiedler with a bibliography of his books and papers. Linear Algebra Appl., 173–181.

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Elsner, Ludwig and Frommer, Andreas and Nabben, Reinhard and Schneider, Hans and Szyld, Daniel B. (2003). Conditions for strict inequality in comparisons of spectral radii of splittings of different matrices. Linear Algebra Appl., 65–80.

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Friedland, Shmuel and Nabben, Reinhard (1997). On the second real eigenvalue of nonnegative and $Z$-matrices. Linear Algebra Appl., 303–313.

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