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S. Yanchuk, M. Wolfrum, T. Pereira, D. Turaev
Absolute stability and absolute hyperbolicity in systems with discrete time-delays


F. Stelzer, A. Röhm, R. Vicente, I. Fischer,S. Yanchuk,
Deep Neural Networks using a Single Neuron: Folded-in-Time Architecture using Feedback-Modulated Delay Loops
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Editors’ Highlights in “AI and machine learning”

R. Berner, S. Vock, E. Schöll, S. Yanchuk
Desynchronization transitions in adaptive networks
Phys. Rev. Lett. 126 (2021) 028301, editor's suggestion

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Spaceless description of active optical media
Phys. Rev. A 104 (2021) 053521

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The European Physical Journal Special Topics (2021)

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The multiplex decomposition: An analytic framework for multilayer dynamical networks,
SIAM Journal of Applied Dynamical Systems 20, 1752 (2021)

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The Spectrum of Delay Differential Equations with Multiple Hierarchical Large Delays
Discr. Cont. Dyn. Syst.-S 14(1) (2021) 151-175

R. Berner,S. Yanchuk,
Synchronization in networks with heterogeneous adaptation rules and applications to distance-dependent synaptic plasticity
Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics 7, 47 (2021)

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Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, 94 (2021) 105543

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The European Physical Journal Special Topics (2021)

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Insight into delay based reservoir computing via eigenvalueanalysis.
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Modeling active optical networks
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Performance boost of time-delay reservoir computing by non-resonant clock cycle
Neural Networks 124 (2020) 58-169

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Slow–Fast Dynamics in a Chaotic System with Strongly Asymmetric Memristive Element
Int. J Bifurcation and Chaos 30 (2020) 2050125

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Deep Time-Delay Reservoir Computing: Dynamics and Memory Capacity
Chaos 30 (2020) 093124
(Related pesentation of Mirko Goldmann)

Y. Maistrenko, P. Perlikowski, S. Yanchuk
Preface to special issue in honor of Tomasz Kapitaniak’s 60th birthday: nonlinear and complex physics
The European Physical Journal Special Topics 229 (2020) 2147–2149.


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Introduction to Focus Issue: Time-delay Dynamics
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Self-organized emergence of multi-layer structure and chimera states in dynamical networks with adaptive couplings
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ODD-Tool- numerical integration of delay-differential equations. In contrast to some other integrators, it allows the integration of large systems of DDEs (i.e. networks, discretized PDEs with delays) with very different or very large time delays.

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