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Applied Dynamical Systems


In this seminar research results will be discussed about dynamics and pattern formation of complex dynamical systems.

The emphasis in the summer term 2016 will be as follows:

1. Delay-Differential equations

2. Synchronization in networks of nonlinear oscillators

3. Spatio-temporal patterns in multi-scale systems

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Time and Place

MA545;  Wed: 10:00 bis 12:00

Talks Schedule
Title / Decription
Apr 20
Worlitzer, Vasco Marius (TU Berlin)
Detection and storage  of multivariate  temporal sequences by networks of spiking coincidence detectors
Apr 27
  1. Maria Masoliver (TU Berlin, Project A1 of SFB910)
  2. Andreas Koher (TU Berlin, Project B10 of SFB910)
  1. TBA
  2. Effective Distances in Complex Networks
Joint event with young researchers groups of SFB910
May 4
Dmitry Puzyrev (TU Berlin)
Dynamics of ring-coupled mode-locked lasers
May 11
Lücken, Leonhard (DLR Berlin)
Stop-and-Go Waves in Microscopic Traffic Flow Models
May 18
  1. Stefan Ruschel (TU Berlin, Project A3)
  2. Mark Curran (FU Berlin, Project A9)
  1. Epidemic model with quarantine, an introduction
  2. TBA
Joint event with young researchers groups of SFB910
May 25
Stefan Ruschel (TU Berlin)
Epidemic model with quarantine
June 1
Stefan Ruschel (TU Berlin)
Epidemic model with quarantine (Part II)
June 8
Xavier Porte Parera (TU Berlin). (Link at IFISC)
Complex dynamics of delayed feedback semiconductor lasers: similarity and autocorrelation properties
June 15
International  Workshop: Nonlinear Dynamics in  Semiconductor Lasers (WIAS Berlin)
June 22
Daniel Maia (National Institute for Space Research INPE, São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil & TU Berlin)
Persistence of network synchronization under non-identical coupling functions
June 29
External event: Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Physics  of Complex Systems
July 6
  • Jason Basset "An Epidemic Mean Field Model for BVD Dynamics" (TU Berlin, Project B10 of SFB910)
  •  Andre Röhm "Bifurcation scenarios in all-to-all coupled laser networks" (TU Berlin, Project B9 of SFB910)
Joint event with young researchers groups of SFB910
July 13
Sebastian Eydam (WIAS Berlin)
Mode-locking in systems of globally coupled phase oscillators
July 15
Aliaksandr Hryn (Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno)
Generalized pendulum systems with prescribed number of limit cycles surrounding cylinder

July 20
Robert Lasarzik (TU Berlin)
Existence of weak solutions to the Ericksen–Leslie model

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