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Research Seminar "Applied Dynamical Systems" (S. Yanchuk)

05.11.2020, 14:15 Robert Ronge (HU Berlin) '2-Cluster States for Ensembles of Active Rotators: Bifurcations and Stability',

19.11.2020,14:15 Maximilian Patzauer (TU München) 'Self-organized Multi-Frequency Clusters in an Oscillating Electrochemical System with Strong Nonlinear Coupling',

03.12.2020,14:15 "D'Huys, Otti (Maastricht University) 'Canard resonance: on noise-induced ordering in coupled slow-fast systems'"

10.12.2020,14:15 Vladimir Klinshov (Nizhny Novgorod) Effect of noise on the collective dynamics of a heterogeneous population of active rotators

17.12.2020,14:15 Soizic Terrien (INSA Lyon) Non-equidistant pulsing regimes in an excitable microlaser with delayed optical feedback

07.01.2021,14:15 Florian Stelzer (TU Berlin) Deep Learning with a Single Neuron: Folding a Deep Neural Network in Time using Modulated Delay Loops

21.01.2021,14:15 Stefan Ruschel (Auckland University) Pulse reverberation with excitable micro-lasers,

28.01.2021,14:15 Nikita Kruk (TU Darmstadt) Solitary states in the mean-field limit

04.02.2021,14:15 "Veronika Koren (TU Berlin) Pairwise Synchrony and Correlations Depend on the Structure of the Population Code in Visual Cortex"

18.02.2021,14:15 "Vera Röhr (TU Berlin, Neurotechnology) Aspects of Anaesthesia in Hodgkin-Huxley Networks"

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