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Einstein Project Dr. Adrien Semin

Asymptotic analysis of finite periodic thin layers ending with corner singularities
October 2012 - December 2015
Dr. Kersten Schmidt
Dr. Adrien Semin
Bérangère Delourme (Université Paris 13)
Robert Gruhlke (Technische Universität Berlin)
It is known in the engineering that materials with small multiple co-axial wires, or multi-perforated materials helps to reduce the sound propagating inside the media containing. The difficulty lies in a high density of small holes which makes a direct numerical simulation impossible because the equations to be solved would be too large. However the small holes have a significant influence on the outgoing noise. In this project we study a thin periodic multi-perforated layer ending with two corners singularities with techniques of asymptotic expansion.


On the homogenization of the Helmholtz problem with thin perforated walls of finite length
Zitatschlüssel Semin.Delourme.Schmidt:2016
Autor Semin, Adrien and Delourme, Bérangére and Schmidt, Kersten
Jahr Submitted
Journal Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis
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