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Asymptotic Analysis

Lecture (2 SWS) with Tutorial (1 SWS) in summer term 2014 at TU Berlin

Wed, 12.15 pm - 1.45 pm
MA 542
Dr. Kersten Schmidt
Wed, 2.15 pm - 3.45 pm
MA 542
Dr. Anastasia Thöns-Zueva




In mathematical models in natural sciences as well as in technological devices very different time or length scales are often present. The presence of the different scales can then be represented by a small parameter (denoted by ε for example). The parameter has often a singular character and cannot simply be set to zero. The solution of the model with ε = 0 differs then much from the solution with small, but non-vanishing parameter and the application of standard methods leads often to utterly wrong results.

To study and solve such so called singularly perturbed problems the asymptotic analysis and asymptotic expansions can be helpful. The original problem is replaced by a series of problems, which are much easier to treat, and whose solutions give (in sum) an approximation to the original problem. There exist special analytical methods like the method of matched asymptotics or the multiscale method and specially adapted numerical methods.

The lecture consists of two parts. In the first part in winter term 2013/14 we studied the asymptotic analysis and asymptotic expansions for integrals and ordinary differential equations (ODEs) including homogenisation. In this second part we will study the asymptotic methods for singularly perturbed partial differential equations (PDEs) including homogeniyation as well as numerical methods inspired by results from asymptotic analysis.


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  • J. Kevorkian und J.D. Cole, Multiple Scale and Singular Perturbation Methods, Springer, Applied Mathematical Sciences 114, 1996.


  • Serie 1,  be prepared to present your results on May 7th, 2014, 12.15am in MA 542.


Students at bachelor, master level or diploma students in mathematics (incl. Techno-, Wirtschaftsmathematik and Scientific Computing), as well as doctoral students (incl. BMS). Students in physics and engineering disciplines with interest in theory are welcome.


Analysis I-II, Linear Algebra.

Helpful: Asymptotic Analysis I and basic knowledge of differential equations.

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