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Intel Cluster

Overview of the systems

The Intel clusters are typical HPC cluster for scientific computing. Cluster 7 has 36 nodes with two Intel Xeon X5550, 2.66 GHz CPUs each. The nodes have 300 GB @ 10.000 RPM local hard disks and are connected via Infiniband QDR. 30 nodes have 24 GB RAM, 6 nodes have 48 GB RAM, with 1333 MHz memory frequency.
The cluster has a theoretical performance of 3064 GFLOPS with double precision.

Cluster 8 has 16 nodes with  two Intel Xeon X5550, 2.66 GHz CPUs each and as well a 10.000 RPM hard disk. The nodes of this cluster additionally have NVidia GPU cards. For more information aabout GPUs see GPU cluster.


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