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Fields of activity of computer personnel

  • Specific fields of activity
  • Administration Linux-Computers
  • Administration of another personal computers

Specific fields of activity

If you have computer problems within the EDP research area please address to the central system administration [1] (staff), if no specific contact address is mentioned below. A staff member will communicate with you.

Field of activity
System administration generally
staff [2]
System administration
administrative offices & administration
Andreas Flügge [3], [4]
Roman Alexander [5],
mactutor [6]
Central user administration
[7]Oliver Voigt [8]
anmeldung [9]
[10]Annette Jäkel [11]
postmaster [12]
Andreas Flügge [13],
Roman Alexander [14]
webmaster [15]
SVN- and GIT-Service
Ralf Hoffmann,
Annette Jäkel [16]
svn_staff [17]
Roman Alexander [18]
Patrick Leickner,
Annette Jäkel [19],
Sven Grottke,
Dr. Norbert Paschedag
Data Backup/Restore
Patrick Leickner,
Annette Jäkel [20]
Mathematical software packages
Annette Jäkel [21],
Ralf Hoffmann
Roman Alexander [22]
texmaster [23]
printing of posters
Philipp Gland
poster [24]
3D-Print: Ben Jastram,
Joachim Weinhold,
3D-Portal: Milan Mehner
Dr. Norbert Paschedag,
Sven Grottke
clust_staff [25]
Dr. Norbert Paschedag,
Sven Grottke
num_staff [26]
Apple Macintosh computers
Andreas Flügge [27], [28]
Roman Alexander [29],
mactutor [30]
Windows server and client computer
Michael Kilian,
Oliver Voigt
win_staff [31]

Administration of floor areas


The computer staff administer all Linux desktop computers and peripheral hardware of the institute within all terminal rooms and offices regarding to installation and maintenance.

Please address problems and questions to the central system administration [32] (staff), a staff member will communicate with you.

If neccessary, you can also make a direct contact.

8. OG East
Oliver Voigt
8. OG West
Milan Mehner
7. OG East
Oliver Voigt [34]
7. OG West
Oliver Voigt [35]
6. OG East
Benjamin Lorenz
6. OG West
Annette Jäkel [36],
N. N.
5. OG East
Ralf Hoffmann [37]
5. OG West
Patrick Leickner
4. OG East
Ralf Hoffmann
4. OG West
Patrick Leickner
3. OG East
Oliver Voigt
3. OG West
Sven Grottke, Dr. Norbert Paschedag
2. OG East (3D-Portal within 3D-Labor)
temporary: Milan Mehner
Berlin Mathematical School (BMS)
- Unix terminal room MA 209 -
Annette Jäkel, N. N.

MA 071 - MA 079
Annette Jäkel [39], N. N.
Building E (innocampus)
Annette Jäkel [40], N. N.

Administration and administrative offices, Macintosh-Computers
The installation and maintenance of EDP computer engineering within administration and administrative offices resides with staff members Andreas Flügge [41] and Roman Alexander [42]. They will be provided by student assistants, our Mac-Tutors.

Please address technical problems or questions regarding to Macintosh hardware or software packages to the student assistants. You can call them under 314 27865. You can also write an e-Mail to mactutor or visit them personally in room MA 679.

Windows-Access and Administration
Our colleagues Michael Kilian and Oliver Voigt [43] treat with our windows domain mawin.math.tu-berlin.de, handle the access to terminal servers and Windows specific problems and questions. Please address to their central support address [44] (win_staff).

Weitere IT-Bereiche

  • Lehrrechnerbereich [45]
  • 3D Labor [46]
  • HPC cluster [47]
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