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Mail Accounts at tubIT and at the Institute of Mathematics

The Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin creates user accounts with e-Mail addresses


at appointment of new employees. This address is linked to a mail account at the Exchange server of the TU Berlin. This account is not identical with the user account at the Institute of Mathematics. With an user account at our institute you get an mail address and mailbox


at our local mail server (mail.math.tu-berlin.de). Most of the employees of our institute read their e-mails exclusively at this local mail server. But the TU Berlin sends especially letters from the personnel office or news letters to the addresses first_name.last_name@tu-berlin.de. Therefore it is necessary to read the e-Mails of the Exchange server directly or by an redirect to the mail server of the Institute of Mathematics. Documentation for mail account setup of the exchange server at your favorite mail client will be found at the webpages of tubIT. In the next section of the current page you can read how you can redirect all the mails from the Exchange account to the mail server at Institute of Mathematics.

Please remember that the following documentation only covers the redirection of all mails from exchange server to math server. If you want to setup other filter rules at the exchange server, you have to read other tubIT documentation (only german version available).

Setup of a redirect rule at the exchange server of TU Berlin

Please login within your favorite web browser to 


Use your tubIT login and password as used to login to the web portal of TU Berlin.

Short instructions

Create a new mail filter rule for all incoming mails with following actions:

  1. redirect to the mail address at Institute of Mathematics
  2. removing of the mail.

Detailed instructions

Please zoom into the following pictures for a detailed view (klick on the icon at the bottom right side of the picture).

1. A requirement for the desired redirection of your exchange e-mails is a so called contact with the mail address at the Institute of Mathematics. At first you have to create this contact. After login at the exchange web server application choose the menu item "People". Klick here at "New" to create a new contact.




2. Fill out the form, at least first name, last name and Email. Accept "Display as" or choose an own designation. Save the new contact.


3. After creating a contact go to the options menu (click to the little wheel at the top on the right). Choose "Options" from the opened scroll down menu and click on the selected field. Choose "organize email" in the options menu window.


4. In the new working window choose "inbox rules". Click onto the "+", choose "Create a new rule for arriving messages" from the scroll down menu.


5. Define the new inbox rule as shown in the next picture (zoom in if necessary). Choose the new configured contact for the redirect (details are shown in the lower picture).


6. After saving the rule you can see it in the inbox rule window of "organize email". The rule will be activated immediately. It is recommended to proof the rule. Send an e-Mail to your tubIT Exchange account. You should obtain a message at the exchange server and also at your mail client showing the emails of your math account.

Attention! There are some problems to send a test mail from your math account to the tubIT account. The exchange server recognizes, that the redirect goes to the same address and server the original mail come from and don't redirect the mail (perhaps to prevent mail loops). Choose a remote mail account to send the test mail or ask a colleague to to send you a message  to your tubIT mail address. 


7. If you sure the rule works correctly it is recommended to extend the rule by another action removing the message at the exchange server. It isn't done automatically. The mail boxes at the exchange server are limited to 5 GB for employees and 1 GB for students. If you never remove mails on the exchange server, the quota will exceeded in the future and no further mail will arrive you at this account. Attention! At the moment there is a problem to definitely remove the mails because removing a mail at the exchange server moves the mail to a trash folder, which is never cleared up automatically. The support team of tubIT works on the problem, maybe it can be solved within september 2015. We will inform you about the solution.


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