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Einstein Visiting Fellows

Einstein Visiting Fellows are leading scientists and scholars from abroad who sustainably enhance focal areas of academic excellence in Berlin. They are funded by the Einstein Foundation Berlin to make them an integral part of Berlin's academic landscape thus raising the international profile of the universities and research institutions in the German capital.

Prof. Christopher Beattie

Modeling complex transport-dominated phenomena and reactive flows

Professor of Mathematical Sciences, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Einstein Visiting Fellow, ECMath, Technische Universität Berlin

"The vexing problem of obtaining compact computational representations of complex transport-dominated phenomena occurs in diverse domains ranging from the control of turbulent reacting flows in jet turbines to the prediction of nutrient concentrations that may trigger toxic algal blooms in coastal estuaries. This rather generally posed problem is the main initial focus of this project and its main initial activity will be an inaugural workshop, "Model Reduction for Transport-dominated Phenomena", to be held in Spring 2015, that will gather an international group of experts from the main contributing disciplines: systems modeling, hydrodynamics, computational control, and model reduction, with the goal of "cross-pollination" of ideas and exchange of perspectives among the group together with their accumulated intuition and experience."

Prof. Felipe Cucker

Professor of Mathematical Sciences, City University of Hong Kong
Einstein Visiting Fellow at Berlin Mathematical School

Prof. Bernd Sturmfels

Nonlinear Algebra

Professor of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley, Einstein Visiting Fellow at Technische Universität Berlin

"My research project is concerned with how methods from algebraic geometry and combinatorics can be applied to problems from the fields of optimisation, statistics and biology. Its official launch will be held at our kickoff workshop at the Academy of Sciences and Humanities on 29 and 30 May. My team comprises two postdocs, Laura Escobar (in the summer of '15) and Fatemeh Mohammadi (from October '15), and two PhD students, Kathlen Kohn and Carlos Amendola."


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