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Bachelor degree programmes

In europe the bachelor is the first academic degree, which students of universities can receive as certificate of a scientific education. It has been introduced in the context of the Bologna process with the goal of harmonising the european study degrees. The bachelor degree programmes in Mathematics at the TU-Berlin (Mathematics, Technomathematics and Mathematical economics) are intended to take three years (six terms). The master degree programmes, which replace the previous diploma programmes, built upon the bachelor programmes and ehance them.

The bachelor degree is the first degree in a multilevel model of studies, having a general study time of 3 years (six terms). The tighter structure of bachelor degree programmes has, among others, the intention of shortening the overall study time. According to the usual ECTS-scheme there are 180 credit points to be acquired during that time, with one point representing a 30 hour workload of a student of average aptitude and education. Considering a yearly holiday of six weeks the resulting weekly workload is 40 hours. This includes lectures, excercies, tutorials, and seminars, the time for their preparation, the time for homework, written tests and other exams, representing the entire time a student has to dedicate to the studies.

The bachelor degree programme consists of modules, that unite multiple courses having a common educational objective. The module linear algebra for instance is composed of the courses linear algebra I and linear algebra II.

At the department for Mathematics at TU-Berlin the degree being awarded is the "Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)"

The regiments on studies and exams can be found on the web pages of the study councel in Mathematics:


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